Robot Rooms

Individual project: A narrative game that allows user to discover a story through exploring different rooms.

In this game, Newspaper/picture on the wall and the decoration of the room are key hints. And the way to enter from one room to another is to use gaze to trigger all the light sources in each room.Room1 The first one represents the sweet home for the happy couple.Room2The second one shows player that the scientist got arrested for using his wife to create a robot.Room3The third room symbolizes the trial of the scientist. room4And the last room is a twisted home for the robot couples in the space.

Original Sketch


Idea Development and iteration

Originally I just want to make a game that a robot use its headlight to explore in the dark and find out the location of another robot. Later I was inspired by a ted talk named My daughter, my wife, our robot, and the quest for immortality, which triggers my interest to make it a narrative game. In order to do that, I bury some hints in the game.

But in the playtest, many people say that it is kind of difficult to read the newspaper or picture on the wall while wearing the Oculus. So I lower the height of the newspaper and the picture as long as well as making them bigger.

I also add more elements to the decoration of each room so that people could more easily to feel the atmosphere in each room. In the second playtest, people respond that it is easier to understand the story.

Motion Sickness is also one factor that bothers user in the first playtest. My original setting was to use arrow key control the rotation of user’ view. But it turns out that such way would easily make users feel sick. So I change that to rotate according to user’s head movement.