Martian Missions

Team Project: A game for 7-12 year olds kids. Players would act as tech companies and rush to be the first company that colonize Mars.

Team Member:

Anne, Karolyn, Lindsey, Yun Li – In this project, we discuss together and work out the concepts and rules of this game.

I mainly contribute to the graphic design of the supply cards and calculate the math relationship between the supple cards and token cards.




spaceShip SupplyToTokens


MARTIAN Missions

Your space exploration start-up is on mission to be the first organization to land on Mars. Trade Space-Points (SP) for supplies and fill your company’s ships to earn even more. Once the ships are full with the necessary supplies launch them to Mars and start building a suitable Infrastructure for human life. Build enough Infrastructure to be the first company to colonize mars and you win! Be careful though your competitors are working just as hard to be first!

Parts and Pieces:

  • SpaceShip Boards (3 boards for each playerl)
  • Supply Cards (4 elements, trading cards/earning cards that go into the spaceships)
  • Infrastructure Cards (token cards with point values, 12 total, players must earn 8 points worth to win )
  • Currency (Space-Points)
  • Single Die

Start of Play:

  • Each player has: 2 Supply Cards, 3 Space-Points and one board
  • Supply Cards are stacked and arranged in front of all players. Each element separated and displayed from lowest to highest (numbers on top of card).
  • Infrastructure Cards are also displayed and arranged lowest to highest based on point value.

Game Flow:

Players take turns in clockwise order. A turn consists of the following 4 phases:

  • Roll Dice
  • Earn Income
  • Purchase Supply Cards/stack in ships
  • If possible launch a ship to mars and earn Infrastructure points.

Game End: The player to earn 8 Infrastructure Points Wins the game

Earning Income:

  • Players earn income based on the dice roll and the effects of the “ACTIVATION NUMBER” of the supplies that are in their ships.
  • There are 4 different types of Supplies that earn income in different ways.
  • It is possible that multiple types of Supplies are activated by the same die roll
  • If a player owns multiple copies of a single Supplies, the effects are multiplied by the number of Supplies of that type owned

Launching a Ship / Earning Infrastructure:

At the end of a player’s turn, if they have a full ship, that ship will be launched to mars and the Supply Cards on the ship will be traded for the corresponding Infrastructure Card.  Each Infrastructure Card is worth a set amount of points. Once a player launches enough ships earn 10 Infrastructure points that player has successfully prepared Mars for Mankind and wins the game.