Hamsa – Asymmetrical Social in VR

A symbiotic, complementary relationship between two souls put into unequaled vessels. An questioning adventure in an alien land. An mysterious observer broke its silence and decided to intervene. Gifted with each and their own powers and limitations, what lies beyond their path?

Hamsa tries to create an unique asymmetrical social experience in VR. By linking Leap Motion and HTC Vive, both physical and virtual realities are connected, allowing two participants to see and to interact with each other, across realms, simultaneously and create their own story between a giant and a small person.


Combining gestural control and freedom of movement in HTC Vive, two participants can collaboration, communicate, and compete in the carefully arranged environments, building their own unique bonds that will last through real life.




Team members :

Yun Li (Unity Developer, Team Lead)

Kylin Chen (Interaction Designer, 3D Modeler)

Nai-chen Yang (Scene Designer)

Yue Hu (3D modeler / Animation)